Retail Sales Executive - Basic

Convince a Stranger to buy and try your recommended products – sounds difficult! –


Become an Ace Sales Professional in Retail Industry!


We teach you how to how to build rapport and trust, how to show a product and demonstrate its features and (more importantly) its benefits, how to contrast and compare products, how to overcome objections to sell value over price, and how to close each and every sale.


We teach you many other things which will help you to succeed in your career. Above all we teach you all this in Hindi and English combination – a language you understand well!


Some of the topics which are covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to Retail Sales
  • Preparing for selling - Greeting and building rapport, understanding customer needs: qualifications, Closing the sale and overcoming objections to the sale, Suggestive selling
  • Know products and services you sell inside out. Knowing your market and competition, types of Buyers
  • Customer handling – Greeting, establish effective rapport with customers, how to ask questions? Discoveringcustomer needs, product demo process, helping customers choose the products, Check the customer's preferences and buying decisions when making sales
  • Customer Problems - Handling difficult customers Pick the best solution to resolve customer service problems, identify repeated customer service problems and options for solving them, take action to avoid the repetition of customer service problems
  • Upsell and Cross sell - Identify opportunities to increase sales of particular products, Promote particular products
  • Display stock to promote sales in retail operations. Prepare display areas and goods in a retail store, Process to set up and dismantle displays in a retail store
  • Store maintenance – Keeping it clean, stocking the right things at right place
  • Team work - Support the work team, develop effective work habits, support effective team working, help others learn
  • Billing - Monitor receipt practices and processes at the cash point / POS, work out the price of customer purchases - total billing, Check the availability of goods for orders
  • Stock Management - Check stock levels, Fill shelves, prepare products for selling to customers, Inventory management / Product lifecycle


With this program you will be able to acquire skills and knowledge which will not only help you to get the job but it will also help you to get the job.

Selling in Retail Store - Introduction to Selling



  • What is retail
  • How it is different from wholesale and other forms
  • Why we need a course on this


Preparing for selling

  • Greeting and building rapport
  • Understanding customer needs / Qualification
  • Motivating your customer to buy / Presentation
  • Closing the sale and overcoming objections to the sale
  • Building the basket / Suggestive selling
  • Follow-up and building referrals
  • Moments of truth


Know products and services you sell inside out.

  • Know your product 
  • Features, advantages and benefits
  • Knowing your market and competition.
  • Buyer types we deal with.
  • Find out your own personality/buyer type.


Customer handling

  • Greeting customer properly
  • Having a professional introduction
  • Establisheffectiverapportwithcustomers
  • OPEN Questioning technique
  • Discovering customer needs
  • Communicateinformationtocustomers
  • Provideinformationandadvicetomeettheneedsofcustomers
  • Respondappropriatelytocustomers
  • Demonstrateproductstocustomers
  • Helpcustomerschooseproducts
  • Checkthecustomer'spreferencesandbuyingdecisionswhenmakingsales
  • Givecustomersinformationandadviceonspecialistproducts
  • Demonstratespecialistproductstocustomers
  • The right benefit to the right customer
  • Identifying customer's decision criteria


Customer Problems

  • Handling difficult customers
  • Helpcustomerssortoutcomplaints
  • Takeactiontoresolvecustomerserviceproblems
  • Spotcustomerserviceproblems
  • Pickthebestsolutiontoresolvecustomerserviceproblems
  • Takeactiontoresolvecustomerserviceproblems
  • Solveimmediatecustomerserviceproblems
  • Identifyrepeatedcustomerserviceproblemsandoptionsforsolvingthem
  • Takeactiontoavoidtherepetitionofcustomerserviceproblems
  • Customer Rights and obligations
  • Duties of the shop owner/employees towards customer


Managing Returns

  • Helpcustomerswhoneedtoreturngoods
  • Process returns ofgoods


Upsell and Cross sell

  • Identifyopportunitiestoincreasesalesofparticularproducts
  • Promote particularproducts
  • Provide a personalizedservice
  • Provideanaftersalesservice


Loyalty schemes

  • Explaintocustomersthefeaturesandbenefitsoftheloyaltyscheme
  • Gaincustomercommitmenttotheloyaltyscheme


Displaystocktopromotesalesinretail operations.

  • Preparedisplayareasandgoodsinaretailstore
  • Setupanddismantledisplaysinaretailstore
  • Labeldisplaysofstockinaretailstore


Dismantleandstorevisualmerchandising displays in retailoperations.

  • Dismantle retaildisplays
  • Storeequipment,propsandgraphicsforretaildisplays


Receiving Goods

  • prepare to receivegoods
  • receivegoods
  • storegoods


Store maintenance

  • Keepworksurfacesclean
  • Getridofwasteandlitter
  • Maintain personalhygiene


Team work

  • Support the workteam
  • Maintain personalpresentation
  • Develop effective workhabits
  • Support effective teamworking
  • Help otherslearn



  • Monitorreceiptpracticesandprocessesatthecashpoint/POS
  • Workoutthepriceofcustomerpurchases - total billing
  • Followproceduresforsaleofage-restrictedproducts
  • Provideserviceatpointofsale


Billing Stock Check

  • Checktheavailabilityofgoodsfororders
  • Process orders forcustomers


Cashandcredittransactionsin retailoperations.

  • Process customercredit
  • Processpaymentsmadetocustomeraccounts
  • Reconcile customeraccounts
  • Handing over the cash and accounts to the Manager at the end of the day
  • Reconciling accounts during the day
  • Taking a break and making someone else to handle cash during the break


Stock Management

  • Check stocklevels
  • Fillshelves
  • Prepareproductsforsellingtocustomers
  • Inventory management / Product lifecycle


Continuous improvement in the process

  • Planimprovementsincustomerservicebasedoncustomerfeedback
  • Implementchangesincustomerservice
  • Reviewchangesthatpromotecontinuousimprovementincustomerservice


Special situations

  • Identifyandreportaccidentsandemergencies
  • Protecthealthandsafetyasyouwork
  • Liftandhandlegoodssafely
  • Helpkeeptheretailenvironmentsecure
  • Other areas + + +
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