Order to Cash


  • Are you looking for a Job in the specialized function of Order to Cash in Accounts?
  • Do you want to enhance theaccounting skillsthat will help you climb up the ladder at your firm?
  • Do you want to upgrade your knowledge and clarify your doubts on all Order to Cashactivities such as sales quota, sales order, credit management, dispute management, cash applications, etc?
  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

This course on Order to Cash (O2C) will enhance your knowledge of the O2Cconcepts and functions. The course coversbasic concepts of O2C, journals on financial statements, the O2C cycle, credit management, the concept of DSO, and other receivable ratios. You will learn about the various concepts of accounting that will make your professional life much easier. At over 16 hours long, with 16 modules and practice sessions, this course will make sure you will feel empowered and educated after taking the course.

This course Includes

  • Basic Theory and O2Cconcepts explained
  • Practical Examples
  • Short quizzes build in the learning
  • Common Interview Questions along with suggestions
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Keep repeating and learning till one learns and understands
  • Training ERP – a Live Practice session
  • Question Bank for better understanding
  • Continuous updating of the knowledge base
  • Sharing of Knowledge
  • On-Demand Learning – the trainee will be able to match/plan his time according to his other plans.


What will you Gain?

  • Enhanced learning which will help you to get you through the job interviews. Your chances of getting a job increase.
  • Your performance in the interviews will be better and this can get you a better salary as compared to others.
  • Your knowledge will lead to better performance in the job leading to faster growth.
  • You will face less anxiety in the job as post-training you understand the job Expectation
  • Due to better training and practice you will be able to settle in your job faster
  • Less on-the-job training time required by you.
  • Higher Productivity when you join the organization


Who is this course for?

Freshers auynd up to 5 years of Experience or anyone who wants to make a career in Finance and Accounts Outsourcing/Offshoring Operations.


The requirements of this course are

  • Word processor/MS Office
  • No prior experience required
  • Enthusiasm and determination to make a difference!


Order to Cash – O2C

  • Module 1– Basic concepts of O2C and Associated terminologies.
  • Module 2–Journals, posting, and impact on the financial statement.
  • Module 3– O2C cycle and step synchronization in flow chart explained.
  • Module 4– Understanding of sales quota and sales order.
  • Module 5– Credit management explained.
  • Module 6– Shipping and terms associated with it.
  • Module 7–Invoicing and Billing – different types.
  • Module 8–Collection management explained.
  • Module 9–Dispute management explained.
  • Module 10– Customer return management explained.
  • Module 11– Customer payments methods.
  • Module 12–Cash Application explained.
  • Module 13–Concepts of DSO and Other receivable ratios with reporting.
  • Module 14–Concepts of Bad depts, PFDD, DA, Trade discount and BDR
  • Module 15– Customer Aging with tables and significance.
  • Module 16–Gaps in the O2C cycle and the best practices to improve.
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