Procure to Pay


  • Are you looking for a Job in specialized function of Procure to Pay (also referred as P2P or PTP) in Accounts?
  • Do you want to enhance your accounting skills, clarify your doubtsthat will help you climb up the ladder at your firm?
  • Do you want to upgrade your knowledge on all Procure to payactivities such as vendor management, shipping, invoice processing etc?
  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

This course onProcure to Pay (P2P or PTP)will enhance your knowledge of the P2Pconcepts and functions and give you a hands-on experience on purchase requisition creation. The course coversJournals, Postings and Payables related impact on financial statements & their treatments, Purchase requisition, purchase order and its process, Shipping, and invoice process. You will learn about the various concepts of accounting that will make your professional life much easier. At over 15 hours long, with 17 modules and practice sessions, this course will make sure you will feel empowered and educated after taking the course.

This course Includes

  • Basic Theory and P2Pconcepts explained
  • Practical Examples
  • Common Interview Questions along with suggestions
  • Short quizzes build in the learning
  • Interactive
  • Keep repeating and learning till one learns and understands
  • Training ERP – a Live Practice session
  • Question Bank
  • Continuous updating of knowledge base
  • Sharing of Knowledge
  • On Demand Learning – the trainee will be able to match/plan his time according to his other plans.


What will you Gain?

  • Enhanced learning which will help you to get you through the job interviews. Your chances of getting a job increase.
  • Your performance in the interviews will be better and this can get you a better salary as compared to others.
  • Your knowledge will lead to better performance in the job leading to a faster growth.
  • You will face less anxiety in the job as post-training you understand the job Expectation
  • Due to better training and practice you will be able to settle in your job faster
  • Less on the job training time required by you.
  • Higher Productivity when you join the organization




Who is this course for?

Freshers and up to 5 years of Experience or anyone who wants to make a career in Finance and Accounts Outsourcing/Offshoring Operations.


The requirements of this course are

  • Word processor/MS Office
  • No prior experience required
  • Enthusiasm and determination to make a difference!


  • Module 1–Basic introduction, Account fundamental, Purchase to pay cycle and main elements in a P2P cycle.
  • Module 2 - Basic introduction, Journal fundamental, treatment in cash flow statement and how payable impact other ratios are explained.  
  • Module 3–Basic introduction, P2P process cycle, P2P Alternative process cycle and P2P Abridged cycle are explained.
  • Module 4–Purchase requisition process flow, basic concepts, importance of purchase requisition and SAP – PR Transaction codes.
  • Module 5–Purchase order process flow, Basic concepts, importance of purchase order, types of purchase order, comparative analysis, difference between PO and Invoice. 
  • Module 6–P2P Process flow, Basic concepts of PO, two types of PO Monitoring, PO flow chart, Pain points of Manual PO Process, benefits of digital PO System, steps in a simple PO process, uses of PO process, Automatic a PO process.
  • Module 7- Basic concepts of vendor management, vendor management process, 6 tips of vendor management success, vendor master data management, benefits of vendor management, SAP – Vendor transaction codes are explained.
  • Module 8- Purchase to Pay cycle, basic introduction of shipment process, two keys points of shipment, shipping terms, uses of BoLs, letter of credit, goods receipt note, role of buyer.
  • Module 9–Basic concept of Invoice matching, 2-way matching, 3-way matching, 4-way-matching, comparison between 2-way and 3-waymatching.
  • Module 10– About Purchase invoice, P2P process cycle, format of an invoice, Purchase invoice and its importance and types of invoices.
  • Module 11–P2P Process flow for invoice processing, basic concepts of invoice processing, steps of invoice processing, invoice processing flow chart, common challenges in invoice processing and best practices for improving VIM.
  • Module 12- P2P process cycle, basic concepts of vendor payments, steps to improve VP process and SAP transaction code.
  • Module 13–Basic concepts for GR/IR clearing account, accounting concepts, key points for GR/IR, GR/IR Classifications and SAP – GRIR codes.
  • Module 14- P2P cycle related to accounts payable related ratios, meaning of DPO, payable turnover ratio, calculator of PTR, other A/P related ratios.
  • Module 15–Accounts payable flow, accounts payable aging, management uses of A/P Aging, buckets of an A/P aging report, format of an A/P aging report and benefits of A/P Aging report.
  • Module 16- the end to end of P2P process, common pain areas of P2P process, best practices of procure to pay process, optimization of P2P process, 5 key accounts payable KPIs and P2P automation.
  • Module 17 - Training ERP of Purchase requisition creation and PO creation.
  • Practice Session – Purchase Requisition Creation & PO Creation- We have created a TrainingERP system on which the trainees will practice the concepts which they have learned. In this exercise the trainee will create Purchase requisition and Purchase order. This is based on real life scenario.
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