MS Word - Advanced

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  • Microsoft Office Overview
  • Introduction To Microsoft Word
  • Understanding Microsoft Word Home Screen
  • Home Tab
  • Font command, Paragraph command
  • Details about Paragraph command
  • Understanding Format Painter and Style commands
  • Insert Tab- Pages, Illustrations
  • Detailed understanding of Illustration command
  • Add-Ins
  • Inserting Links and Comments
  • Header and Footer Group; Text Command Group
  • Design Tab
  • Page Set up
  • Paragraph Command, Arrange command
  • References Tab
  • Mailings Tab- Mail Merge
  • Review Tab- Tracking Changes
  • Comparing documents
  • View Tab
  • Macros command
  • File Tab- Opening a new file, Using a Template, Doucment Saving
  • Exporting a document
  • Document Protection and Inspection
  • Changing document settings through file tab
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