Get that Job!

How to succeed in getting a job?

You have been searching for a job and have not been successful for a while. Do you know why? Have you thought about these?

  • Do you have a Cover letter interesting enough?

  • Do you know why is your CV getting rejected and you are not even called for the interview?

  • Are recruiters even looking at your CV or opening it?

  • Does your CV show up in the candidate search when recruiters are searching for the candidates?

  • Is your CV ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Friendly?

  • What information should be in your CV and what should be avoided?

  • Are you aware of Key words and how they should be used?

  • Have you prepared for the interview?

  • Do you know the common questions which are asked in the interview and how to address them?

  • Why have you not cleared the interview?

  • Do you know when and how to talk about the Salary hike?

To help you to succeed in getting that job we have created 3 modules which address these areas and will help you in your career growth. 

  • Writing a Cover letter – Making that Impression

  • CV writing – Making that CV which gets you the interview Calls

  • Attending Interviews – How to succeed and get selected? 

Writing a Cover letter – Making that Impression

Do you know many applications are NOT EVEN OPENED by the recruiter! 

Do you know Why? He does not have a reason to open it or in other words there is no push from the candidate. This means the cover letter is not strong enough. 

We will help you to overcome this problem!

We will help you to write a cover letter where you will learn how to highlight your skills and experience in a few lines which are compelling and interesting. The course will teach you as how to write a cover letter which will encourage the recruiter to open your CV.

We will also tell you as how to  customise cover letter for your dream job. In short, we would cover various areas in this course:

  • What is cover letter 

  • How is it different form Resume? 

  • Guidelines for writing a cover letter 

  • Salutations to be used Body of the letter 

  • Tips and Samples

CV writing – Making that CV which gets you the interview Calls

Do you know most of the people who apply for a job are not even called for the interview!

The reasons for this could be many:

  • There CV is not even seen by the Recruiter

  • The CV is opened but does not CATCH THE EYE of the recruiter – that means is not shortlisted by him! Remember mostly the Recruiter will give less than 45 Seconds to shortlist or reject the CV – Your CV has to be impressive for that time!

  • It is quite unfortunate that, that is the time spent on your entire life! But that is the truth – you need to impress the recruiter

  • The CV is incomplete and does not give enough information – Not sufficient information in the CV and recruiter does not have time to call!

  • Has spelling mistakes

  • If not formatted well

  • Not in a sequence or correct time lines mentioned in the CV

  • + many more….

We have tried to address these and many more issues in this program. We will help you to learn and practice the basics of how to write a CV to take you one step closer to your dream job with insider tips and tricks. The extensive module covers: 

  • Introduction 

  • Parts of CV Formatting, 

  • Language and more, 

  • What should be included in the CV

  • Making your CV attractive to the recruiter

  • with several examples and 

  • guided activities

Attending Interviews – How to succeed and get selected?

You are a lucky one – Have been called for an interview!

Don’t blow your chance – you may not get many!

Also don’t forget there are many others who are vying for that job and may be better qualified than you. But that does not mean that they will get the job! 

Remember - The person who is able to impress the interviewer in that short time will get the job!

The right interview techniques can help you get that job, and we guide you on how to position yourself for a new role during your interview process. 

Our experience shows that its not just your technical or job skills which make or break the situation it is the other skills and areas which are the deciding factors. Like 

  • How keen are you on the job?

  • Your communication skills

  • Your skills to work with others 

  • When to speak about the salary expectation and how much it should be?

  • Your ability to get work done from others etc.

In this module we would help you to understand many points which will help you to get the job. In this course you will learn: 

  • Preparing for the interview 

  • What to do a day before the interview 

  • Knowing about the company 

  • Knowing about the job 

  • How to research Behaviour during the interview 

  • Why people don't get selected? 

  • Salary negotiation 

  • Difficult questions 

  • Tips and situations

The GO advantage! 

Our group company has been in Recruitment Area for more than 23 Years this course has inputs from Experts who have spent large part of their lives in helping people to get jobs! A combined experience of experts who have contributed to this course is more than 75 years in Recruitment business! Can you afford to lose this knowledge?

This is your chance to learn and get to the right job!