Searching For Jobs

Looking for a Job?

How much time have you spent on searching for a job?

How many different ways you have tried to search for a job?

How many relevant jobs you have found?

How many job applications you have sent?

How many interviews calls you have received?

Are you successful? 

Have you found a job which you want to do?

These are few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What are you doing to get a job?

  • The time is moving fast and you are struggling to get a job!

  • Have you made a plan to systematically get a job?

The first step towards this is to find the right jobs which match your skills and you want to do in the companies of your choice which pay you what you want and deserve.

I have mentioned many points in the above sentence – you should try to get the most of them! If you want all this the you should start with the first step searching for the jobs!


Our group company has been in Recruitment Area for more than 23 Years this course has inputs from Experts who have spent large part of their lives in helping people to get jobs! A combined experience of experts who have contributed to this course is more than 75 years in Recruitment business! Can you afford to lose this knowledge?

Do You Know there are more than 25 Ways to Find a Job? – We will tell you about each of those and more!

Often, we all get the feeling that we can do better in our careers and take up a better job but we instantly give up the idea since we all believe that finding a new Job is a Task. Let’s make the task of Finding a Job easy for you!

Finding a New Job is a science requiring technical know-how of how to reach the right recruiter at the right time. Learn the Technicalities to help yourself, to get your Dream Job today!

This course will help you:

  • To you realize what you want in terms of a Job

  • Forging the path to get your Dream Job

  • Introduce you to various ways by which you can start looking for a dream job

  • Learning to Possibly Exploit more than 25 ways of finding a Job

  • And finally helping you to actually GET YOUR DREAM JOB!

There are many things you need to do before you start your job search and the application process. We cover various aspects of Job Search in this course.

Some of them are:

  • Introduction to Job search

  • Things to do before a job search

  • Keyword Analysis and addition to your Resume

  • Cleaning your social presence

  • More than 25 Ways to finding Your Dream Job

  • Tips and Tricks of the various methods which no one will tell!

  • Learning to Look for the right opportunity

  • Leveraging the Various methods

  • Fun way of learning with Activities!

  • Getting an interview for your Dream Job

This is your chance to learn and get to the right job!


1.            Direct approach

2.            Company websites.

3.            Networking

4.            Friends and Family

5.            Professional network

6.            Alumni- ex company

7.            Alumni – Educational

8.            Employee Referrals

9.            Career Fairs / Job Fairs

10.          Campus placement

11.          Head hunters, Recruitment Firms, Placement agencies & consultants

12.          Temp Staffing Companies

13.          Outsourced Companies

14.          Classified ads

15.          News Paper ads

16.          Job Portals, Job sites - Resume uploading

17.          Job Search on Portals

18.          Job alerts in your mail box

19.          Job Aggregators

20.          Recruiter Connect Services

21.          Social Media Job Search

22.          Walk-in Interviews

23.          Freelancing

24.          Indirect Job Search

25.          Job Apps

26.          Other ways