Tips to Stay Engaged through Your eLearning Module
This decade has paved the way for enhanced internet usage with a strong emphasis on e-learning courses. In lieu of pandemic,
the world has experienced a major change in the education sphere with an increased dominating inclination towards the e-
learning courses and classes. Majority of schools or colleges are focusing on switching the education towards the online portals
and making several breakthrough changes in enhancing the online learning experience. Although several new apps and online
sites have encouraged e-learning, still their ability to engage the students or e-learners is little or more profound.

Major challenges of e-learning courses
Majority of people complain about losing interest in an online learning class after some time. They talk about their inability to
effectively concentrate on a particular topic. They tend to intentionally miss their online class or sit through the whole session
inattentively gaining nothing in the process. To maintain your interest in the e-learning course, you should follow certain steps
that allow you to engage more and more in an online course and help you grab knowledge from it.

Practice Time Management
The major problems that hinder your ability to engage in an e-learning course effectively are poor time management. If you
succeed in utilizing your time effectively and strategically, you will find yourself naturally at ease when attending or joining an
online course. Once you effectively manage your time, you might not face any problem upon following your e-learning
schedule, and you can wisely divide your learning experience in the proper time frame.

Eradicate Distraction
Whenever you face difficulty concentrating in your class or course, there are a lot of things that serve as distractions for you.
You should make a proper list of all your distractions and try your level best to eradicate your distractions or limit them to a
lower rate enough to be ignored. For example, it is better to log out of your social accounts, reduce usage or streaming sites like
Netflix, etc. You could sit in a lone room when attending an online course, etc.

Manage Milestones
You should hold yourself accountable for all your activities. Be focused and inclined towards your online progress and
encourage your engagement in the e-learning course. You can record or set the goals you tend to accomplish during a
designated time frame and analyze yourself. Setting up milestones is the best way to track your achievements and progress. It
also allows you to set up specific goals and increase the self-competence in an online course.

Stay Consistent
Staying consistent from the start is the best way to get the most favourable outcomes from your learning experience. You
should learn a proper systematic way of working in a proper routine and following it till the end of your course. Make sure you
don’t lose your consistency in the process. Try never to miss any online class, be strict with your elearning schedule and try your
level best to complete your assignment or work in a given time before deadlines.

These are the four major pointers that improve your engagement in the elearning course. Bit, most importantly, you should
behave in a responsible manner and take a full initiative in your hand to stay focused, motivated and consistent in your
elearning course.