All about Pomodoro Technique and Why you Should Apply it
Everyone wants their work to be perfect. If you desire to feel valuable in a workspace, you must become more productive,
prolific and efficient in everything. Success on your professional front is entirely based upon your technique and methodology
used. Some of the most valuable techniques used to enhance their work ethics include the Pomodoro Technique.
Pomodoro Technique is strongly used to improve time management and control.
Famously invented by Francesco Cirillo this technique has been strongly effective in time management and strategizing. The
technique was actually named after the tomato-shaped timer that Francesco had when he was in college.

The main conceptualization of this technique emphasized on increasing their overall productivity by dividing the workday into
strongly concentrated time frames supplemented by short breaks. One must follow the following steps to implement the
Pomodoro Technique:

● First of all, you must make a detailed and selective list of the things you will accomplish.
● Then you should divide the work frame into evenly spaced time intervals. You can set a timer for about 25 minutes
   and begin working on your first task.
● Correctly note down the distractions arising when you are working on a piece of paper. Keep working and look upon
   those distractions and try to eradicate or overcome them later.
● Your basic Pomodoro time runs for about 25 minutes, and as soon as the timer ends, your Pomodoro time has
● Take a five-minute break and begin your Pomodoro technique.
● You should take about four Pomodoros and then take an extended break of about 20-25 minutes.
● You can continue repeating the cycles until all your assignments and works are done.


Why it works:
Pomodoro Technique benefits your professional ground in many ways and works as an effective time management technique.
Here are a few reasons why you should accept or promote the use of the Pomodoro Technique:

Proper weekly and quarterly planning
Pomodoro technique allows wise planning and implementing your weekly and quarterly schedule. You can calculate the
average number of Pomodoros required for you to complete a certain task or project.

Evaluation and Accountability
When practising Pomodoro, you develop a habit to note down everything during your particular sittings. You tend to record all
your distractions and accomplishments at one place; you can regularly evaluate your progress and manage your productivity

Time Management
This technique empowers you to take control of your time and manage your various time frames. You can effectively divide
your work in evenly spaced time frames with proper relaxing breaks.

After you successfully complete your Pomodoro, you develop a unique sense of accomplishment. This further enhances your
confidence level and becomes a strong motivating force in your workspace.

Increased Concentration
Management of distractions is an important part of the Pomodoro process. It allows you to entirely concentrate on your work
or project by disregarding your distractions or obstacles in the process.

In a nutshell, Pomodoro is highly efficient in improving your work schedules and makes you even more proficient if you wish to
engage yourself in your work environment and positively influence your time management skills.