eLearning: The need of the hour

We are aware of the fact that we depend on the device that fits our palm size for our daily survival, aren’t we? I’m sure that you got my point already. I’m talking about the smartphones, to which we have unconsciously offered a greater part of our time. Ever since the technological development was first initiated, we have been trying to be acquainted with its presence. It’s no longer a surprise, how technology has been successfully ruling the world for ages now. If we look back in time, we can see the gradual growth of science and technology which has ensured the overall development of human-kind. Every good thing comes with cons which cannot be ignored. However, let us focus on the brighter side. The technology has now offered a platform named eLearning which has been proven to be the boon for the current and future generation.

What is eLearning?

Honestly, eLearning is one of the most frequently used terms, ever since Covid-19 pandemic became a global threat. From the very word ‘eLearning’, one can derive its meaning. eLearning is a platform that provides access to the educational curriculum through electronic mediums with the help of the internet. You can consider it as either an alternative or a successor to the classroom learning tradition.

Why is eLearning important?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a debate over the impact of eLearning when compared to the traditional learning platform. As we all know, everything is blessed and cursed with its good and bad side respectively. It depends on how well we utilise it. From the time immemorial, ancient teachings have highlighted the customary practice of education. Would you not agree with me if I say that time stops for none? There has been an outstanding development of science and technology over time and I believe that it’s our duty to go hand in hand with the time and adapt to changes.

Would you not prefer a flexible learning platform over the rigid one? Give a thought about it. We live a life which is deemed to be extremely busy. In that case, do you think we have sufficient time to live our life to the fullest (especially if you have an urge to learn more and more)? eLearning is one such platform that has been known for its flexibility. You are exposed to thousands of courses online which you can opt to learn. I must say it’s extremely cost-effective.  It’s proven to be a time saver and quite convenient too.

Our situation right now doesn’t provide access to the outside world as much as before. eLearning is the best alternative that you can opt for considering the current situation. Try to acquire knowledge as much as possible. There is no wise man in the world who have ever stopped learning. Either you’re 18 years old or 80 years, all that matters is how well do you know the facts around the world. Choose the path that time has to offer you. Be the change that you’re looking for.