4 Tips To Make Group Study Sessions More Effective

As soon as exams are announced we go all the way looking for various methods to study. Group study session is one of the most interesting and effective methods. It’s natural to feel pressured and stressed as time passes by. You may get easily diverted from the purpose when you’re all alone. Smartphones have become an addiction lately; we barely can give our time to anything productive. However, group study sessions can be a saviour at times like these and may serve you better.

How effective is a group study session?

When studying alone cannot help us focus, group study sessions can come in handy. Its true potential can be ascertained based on the dedication and perseverance contributed by its members. To make a group study session more effective here are a few things you may want to consider.

At the end of the day, you will be able to learn more than you’ve initially planned to. Your thoughts and ideas do not stay limited to yourself. The session shall help you to ascertain feedback and also will help you in broadening your knowledge.

How to make a group study session more effective?

Mere engaging in a s.tudy isn’t enough. You have to make it interesting and adventurous. So, here are five things that you need to consider while engaging in a group study session to make it more productive.

Keep the circle small

It is better to keep the group smaller. I would say quality over quantity. The greater number of people may result in conflicts, communication problems and so on. Instead, find the ones who are interested to study and make the best out of every second invested.

Set goals

Every action taken with a specific purpose serves a better result. It would be more fun to stay engaged in the process of learning when with friends. However, one cannot deny the possibility of turning away from books and planning to watch a movie. Video games and some juicy gossips may enter the race of procrastination too. That is why you would need to set a goal before you begin. Decide on what topics you would want to cover in the very beginning.


Never say no to a healthy competition. One starts to invest their time and focus without any deviation when there is an urge to do better. Everyone shall be able to contribute their best shot. With this tip, I’m sure you will be able to gather a lot of information. It will help you understand the concepts better than ever before.


Before concluding the session, it is important to review whatever you have dealt so far. At the end of the session, when you summarise several points, you’ll be able to reflect on each point individually. It holds more value to it since those points are derived from a different point of views. Take this opportunity to clarify all your doubts.

Set a fixed time to hold the session. Come prepared for the session with your research on the selected topic. Try focusing on the study session and avoid conflict. Take quick breaks to refresh your mind and reduce the stress level. Listening to music can be helpful at moments like these. But, don’t forget to get back to where you stopped.